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Recovery Strategy for the Leatherback Turtle in Atlantic Canada

Appendix C - Record of Consultations

The leatherback turtle is an aquatic species under the federal jurisdiction of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. There are few people in Canada with scientific, traditional, or local knowledge of this species as sightings are typically limited to shelf and offshore observations by the fishing industry.

To assist in the development of this Recovery Strategy, DFO brought together a group of experts and representatives from multiple levels of government, including the US National Marine Fisheries Service, environmental non-government organizations, and industry groups. Specific members and their affiliations can be found on page iv of the preamble to this recovery strategy.

Comments on this strategy were sought from three members of the international scientific community who have expertise on this species. In addition, Section 9.0 of this strategy was subject to a full peer review through the Canadian Science Advisory process.

The strategy was also reviewed by relevant provincial government Directors from Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland.

Consultation with industry groups that may be affected by this Recovery Strategy occurred at the October 2005 Atlantic Large Pelagic Advisory Committee meeting. All comments received have been incorporated.

Additional input on this strategy was sought from members of the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nation Chiefs in February 2006. No specific comments on the Recovery Strategy were received.

Comments received on the proposed recovery strategy during the public registry comment period were incorporated in the final version of the document.

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