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Recovery Strategy for the Vancouver Lamprey (Lampetra macrostoma) in Canada (Final)

12. Recommended Approach / Scale for Recovery

This recovery strategy recommends the use of a single species approach (rather than an ecosystem approach) because it addresses a single taxonomic unit.  There are no apparent opportunities to combine recovery efforts for Vancouver lamprey with recovery efforts for other listed species in the immediate area.  There is an opportunity to share information with recovery efforts for the Morrison Creek lamprey, another extreme endemic on Vancouver Island.  In addition, every effort should be made to provide input to other management planning initiatives, actions, or policies. 

Although very little is known about the Vancouver lamprey, it is likely that there is a significant overlap between the types of habitats used by salmonids, especially with regards to spawning.  As such, there may be opportunities to co-ordinate recovery efforts with those of local stewardship groups currently focused on salmonid populations. Efforts to protect salmonid habitats in the Cowichan watershed are likely to help protect lamprey also.