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Recovery Strategy for the Vancouver Lamprey (Lampetra macrostoma) in Canada (Final)

Appendix I - Record of Cooperation and Consultation

Vancouver lamprey is listed on Schedule 1 of the Species at Risk Act (SARA) and as an aquatic species is under federal jurisdiction and managed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO): 200 - 401 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC.

To assist in the development of an initial draft of this Recovery Strategy, as well as those for other listed freshwater fishes in British Columbia, DFO in cooperation with the Province of BC assembled a group of experts from various levels of government, academia, consultants, and non-governmental organizations to form the Pacific Region Non-Game Freshwater Fish Recovery Team. This team, co-chaired by DFO and the Province of BC, is responsible for drafting recovery strategies for Pacific Region freshwater fish species listed under SARA, including Vancouver lamprey.

Public and stakeholder consultation on the draft Recovery Strategy was provided through a Community Dialogue Session. Invitations were sent to nine stakeholder groups related to Cowichan Lake and area, including provincial government, local government, and industry. Notices announcing the session were also placed in six local newspapers. The Community Dialogue Session, consisting of a presentation and discussion on the proposed Recovery Strategy for Vancouver lamprey, was held in Duncan in May 2006, with four attendees. Comments from the session were recorded and archived.

First Nations input on the proposed Recovery Strategy was sought through an information exchange session, to which the Lake Cowichan First Nation, Halalt First Nation, and Cowichan Indian Band were invited. The session, consisting of a presentation and discussion on the proposed Recovery Strategy for Vancouver lamprey, was held in Duncan in May 2006, with three representatives of the Cowichan Tribes. Dialogue from the information exchange was recorded and archived.

Additional input on the draft Recovery Strategy was sought through a discussion guide and feedback form available on the internet (May – June 2006). Two responses were received from area residents. Input from the Province of BC was received through recovery team participation. An external peer review was conducted by Dr. Margaret Docker of the University of Manitoba. All feedback received was considered in the finalization of the Recovery Strategy.

Recovery Team:

  • Jordan Rosenfeld, British Columbia Ministry of Environment (Co-chair)
  • Dan Sneep, Fisheries & Oceans Canada (Co-chair)
  • Todd Hatfield, Solander Ecological Research (Coordinator)
  • Dick Beamish, Fisheries & Oceans Canada
  • John Richardson, University of British Columbia
  • Dolph Schluter, University of British Columbia
  • Eric Taylor, University of British Columbia
  • External Review:
  • Dr. Margaret Docker, University of Manitoba
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