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Recovery Strategy for the Vancouver Lamprey (Lampetra macrostoma) in Canada (Final)

5. Habitat Protection

There are no habitat protection provisions specifically for Vancouver lamprey, however, the species likely benefits from existing legislation that protects fish habitat generally.  The Fisheries Act provides legal protection of fish and fish habitat and would apply to much of the Cowichan watershed.  Further, the Riparian Area Regulation under the Fish Protection Act (BC) requires municipal governments to protect riparian habitats subject to urban development, the Water Act (BC) regulates any proposed works ‘in and about a stream’, and provisions under the provincial Forest and Range Practices Act address some habitat protection issues related to forest harvesting on private lands.  Finally, the Species at Risk Act has legal prohibitions that protect Vancouver lamprey individuals, residences and critical habitats, once defined.  Lamprey likely also benefit from habitat protection and enhancement efforts aimed at other fish species.