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COSEWIC Assessment and Update Status Report on the Nooksack dace in Canada


Assessment Summary


Assessment Summary – April 2007

Common name:

Nooksack Dace

Scientific name:
Rhinichthys Cataractae ssp.


Reason for designation:
The species is considered a habitat specialist dependent on stream riffles with loose, small grained substrates. This small fish is a representative of the Chehalis fauna, and considered to be a distinct subspecies of the longnose dace. It is known in Canada from only four locations in southwestern BC where its area of occupancy is severely limited, and subject to ongoing physical destruction of riffle habitat by urban, industrial and agricultural practices (e.g. dredging, channelization). Streams where the species is found are also impacted by lack of water in late summer due to ground and surface water extraction. Other activities have led to sediment accumulation in riffles caused by bank erosion resulting from gravel mining and/or runoff from urban storm drains, leading to further degradation of water quality and habitat.

British Columbia

Status history:
Designated Endangered in April 1996. Status re-examined and confirmed in May 2000 and April 2007. Last assessment based on an update status report.