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COSEWIC Assessment and Update Status Report on the Nooksack dace in Canada

Existing Protection or Other Status Designations

The conservation status of the Nooksack dace is summarized in Table 5. As a federally listed species at risk under SARA, it is protected from harm or capture in all Canadian waters. The Species at Risk Act prohibits the destruction of habitat identified as critical in an approved recovery strategy or action plan (SARA, S.C.2002, c.29, s. 57-58), but the competent minister must make an order before the prohibitions apply. However, its habitat is provided some protection by the federal Fisheries Act. The Recovery Team has proposed 21.3 km of the Nooksack River tributaries as critical habitat in a draft recovery strategy under SARA, but has not defined the species ‘residence’ under the Act Pearson et al. 2006). The Nooksack dace is not protected in Washington State or by the American Endangered Species Act.

Table 5: Conservation Status of the Nooksack dace, Rhinichthys cataractae ssp.
B.C. Conservation Data CentreS1
Washington StateS3
COSEWIC (1997)Endangered
SARAEndangered; Schedule 1
American Fisheries SocietyThreatened