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Southern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys Volans)

Existing Protection or Other Status Designations

Glaucomys volans is “yellow listed” by Nova Scotia, indicating it is “sensitive to human activities or natural events” (Nova Scotia DNR 2002). Ontario ranks the southern flying squirrel as “special concern” (Ontario MNR 2004). Québec lists the species as “likely to become threatened or vulnerable” (M. Lepage pers comm. 2004; Québec MRNFP 2004). G. volans was designated Special Concern by COSEWIC in 1988. Conservation rankings provided by NatureServe (2004) are given in Table 8.

Table 8: NatureServe (2004) Conservation Rankings for Southern Flying Squirrel by Jurisdiction
GlobalG5  (Nov 1996)
CanadaN3  (Jan 2000)
Nova ScotiaS1
USAN5  (Nov 1996)
New YorkS5
New HampshireS5

Only US states that border Canada within southern flying squirrel range are included.

1 Ontario is expected to change sub-national status to S4 in the near future.