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Canadian Species at Risk

Endangered (184)

Mammals (18)

Taxon/ Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameRange of OccurrenceAssessment DateSARA
∆    PBadger jacksoni subspecies, AmericanTaxidea taxus jacksoni ONMay 20001
∆    PBadger jeffersonii subspecies, AmericanTaxidea taxus jeffersonii BCMay 20001
∆    PCaribou, PearyRangifer taranduspearyi NT NUMay 20042b
∆    ↔Caribou, WoodlandRangifer taranduscaribouAtlantic-Gaspésie populationQCMay 20021
[]    ↔Fox, SwiftVulpes velox AB SKMay 20001
[]+   ↔Marmot, Vancouver IslandMarmota vancouverensis BCMay 20001
[]    ↔Marten, NewfoundlandMartes americanaatrata NLMay 20001
∆    ↑Mole, Townsend'sScapanus townsendii BCMay 20031
∆    ↑Whale, BelugaDelphinapterus leucasEastern Hudson Bay populationNU QC Arctic Ocean Atlantic OceanMay 2004**
∆    ↔Whale, BelugaDelphinapterus leucasUngava Bay populationQC Arctic Ocean Atlantic OceanMay 2004**
∆    PWhale, BlueBalaenoptera musculusAtlantic populationAtlantic OceanMay 20021
∆    PWhale, BlueBalaenoptera musculusPacific populationPacific OceanMay 20021
[]+   PWhale, KillerOrcinus orcaNortheast Pacific southern resident populationPacific OceanNovember 20011
∆    PWhale, North Atlantic RightEubalaena glacialis Atlantic OceanMay 20031
∆    ↔Whale, North Pacific RightEubalaena japonica Pacific OceanNovember 2004**
[]+   ↑Whale, Northern BottlenoseHyperoodon ampullatusScotian Shelf populationAtlantic OceanNovember 2002**
∆  Whale, SeiBalaenoptera borealisPacific populationPacific OceanMay 20031
∆    ↔WolverineGulo guloEastern populationQC NLMay 20031

Birds (24)

Taxon/ Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameRange of OccurrenceAssessment DateSARA
∆+  ↔Bobwhite, NorthernColinus virginianus ONNovember 20031
∆    ↑Chat auricollis subspecies, Yellow-breastedIcteria virens auricollisBritish Columbia populationBCNovember 20001
∆    ↔Crane, WhoopingGrus americana NT ABNovember 20001
∆  Crossbill percna subspecies, RedLoxia curvirostra percna NLMay 20041
∆    ↔Curlew, EskimoNumenius borealis NT NU AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLMay 20001
∆    ↔Flycatcher, AcadianEmpidonax virescens ONNovember 20001
∆  Lark strigata subspecies, HornedEremophila alpestris strigata BCNovember 20031
[]    ↔Owl caurina subspecies, SpottedStrix occidentalis caurina BCMay 20001
[]    ↔Owl, BarnTyto albaEastern populationON QCMay 20001
[]    ↔Owl, BurrowingAthene cunicularia BC AB SK MBMay 20001
∆    PPlover circumcinctus subspecies, PipingCharadrius melodus circumcinctus AB SK MB ONMay 20011
∆    PPlover melodus subspecies, PipingCharadrius melodus melodus QC NB PE NS NLMay 20011
∆    ↔Plover, MountainCharadrius montanus AB SKNovember 20001
∆    ↔Rail, KingRallus elegans ONNovember 20001
[]    ↔Sage-Grouse urophasianus subspecies, GreaterCentrocercus urophasianusurophasianus AB SKMay 20001
∆  Sapsucker, Williamson'sSphyrapicus thyroideus BCMay 2005**
∆    PScreech-Owl macfarlanei subspecies, WesternMegascops kennicottii macfarlanei BCMay 20021
∆    ↔Shrike migrans subspecies, LoggerheadLanius ludovicianus migrans MB ON QCNovember 20001
∆    ↔Sparrow, Henslow'sAmmodramus henslowii ONNovember 20001
[]    ↔Tern, RoseateSterna dougallii QC NB NSOctober 19991
∆    ↔Thrasher, SageOreoscoptes montanus BC AB SKNovember 20001
[]    ↔Warbler, Kirtland'sDendroica kirtlandii ONMay 20001
[]    ↔Warbler, ProthonotaryProtonotaria citrea ONMay 20001
∆    ↑Woodpecker, White-headedPicoides albolarvatus BCNovember 20001