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Wild Species 2015: The General Status of Species in Canada

Section 3 – Results

Assessed taxonomic groups

In total, 29 848 species have been assessed in this report. These species are divided among 34 different taxonomic groups: selected macrofungi, macrolichens, bryophytes, vascular plants, sponges, corals, freshwater bivalves, terrestrial and freshwater snails and slugs, spiders, mayflies, dragonflies and damselflies, stoneflies, grasshoppers and relatives, lacewings, beetles, ants, bees, yellowjacket wasps, caddisflies, moths and butterflies, scorpionflies, black flies, mosquitoes, horse flies, bee flies, flower flies, decapods, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Some of these taxonomic groups are assessed for the first time, while others are reassessments (Table 8).

Table 8. Summary of the taxonomic groups assessed in the reports of the Wild Species series.
KingdomTaxonomic group2000200520102015
a) Fungi kingdomFungiblankblankblankSelected macrofungi only
a) Fungi kingdomLichensblankblankMacrolichens onlyMacrolichens only
b) Plant kingdomBryophytesblankblankMosses onlyAll species
b) Plant kingdomVascular plantsFerns and orchids onlyAll speciesAll speciesAll species
c) Animal kingdomSpongesblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomCoralsblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomBivalvesblankFreshwater mussels onlyFreshwater mussels onlyFreshwater bivalves only
c) Animal kingdomSnails and slugsblankblankblankTerrestrial and freshwater species only
c) Animal kingdomSpidersblankblankAll speciesAll species
c) Animal kingdomMayfliesblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomDragonflies and damselfliesblankAll speciesAll speciesAll species
c) Animal kingdomStonefliesblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomGrasshoppers and relativesblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomLacewingsblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomBeetlesblankTiger beetles onlyPredaceous diving beetles, ground beetles, and lady beetles onlyAll species
c) Animal kingdomAntsblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomBeesblankblankBumble bees onlyAll species
c) Animal kingdomYellowjacket waspsblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomCaddisfliesblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomMoths and butterfliesButterflies onlyblankButterflies and selected macromoths onlyAll species
c) Animal kingdomScorpionfliesblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomBlack fliesblankblankAll speciesAll species
c) Animal kingdomMosquitoesblankblankAll speciesAll species
c) Animal kingdomHorse fliesblankblankAll speciesAll species
c) Animal kingdomBee fliesblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomFlower fliesblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomDecapodsblankCrayfishes onlyCrayfishes onlyAll species
c) Animal kingdomSea cucumbersblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomSea urchinsblankblankblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomFishesFreshwater species onlyAll speciesblankAll species
c) Animal kingdomAmphibiansAll speciesAll speciesAll speciesAll species
c) Animal kingdomReptilesAll speciesAll speciesAll speciesAll species
c) Animal kingdomBirdsAll speciesAll speciesAll speciesAll species
c) Animal kingdomMammalsAll speciesAll speciesAll speciesAll species