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Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo Lineatus)


Thanks to François Shaffer andMark Dionne (Canadian Wildlife Service) for providing data on Red-shouldered Hawks in Quebec. François Shaffer also prepared the range map for Quebec. ÉPOQ checklist data were provided byJacques Larivée of the Association québécoise des groupes d'ornitologues. Thanks to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Bird Studies Canada for providing data from the Red-shouldered Hawk and Spring Woodpecker Survey. Thanks to the official sponsors of the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas (Bird Studies Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service, Federation of Ontario Naturalists, Ontario Field Ornithologists, and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources) for supplying Atlas data, and to the thousands of volunteer participants who gathered data for the project. Thanks to coordinators and volunteers at Holiday Beach Migration Observatory (Bob Petitt), Cranberry Marsh Raptor Watch (Doug Lockrey), and Niagara Peninisula Hawkwatch for collecting and providing data for use in this report. Data from Montréal hawkwatch stations were collected and generously provided by Mabel McIntosh and Robert Barnhurst.

Thanks to Andrew Couturier for providing maps for the report. Thanks also to the following reviewers who provided valuable comments on earlier drafts of the report: François Shaffer, Michel Robert, Elsa M. Gagnon, Erica Dunn, Richard Knapton, Daniel Banville, Dick Cannings, Marty Leonard, Michel Gosselin, Lyle Friesen, Corina Brdar, Burke Korol, Brian Huis, Brian Naylor, Chris Risley, Don Sutherland, Allen Woodliffe, Mike Oldham and Alan Dextrase.


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