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Canadian Species at Risk (including May 2005)


Table 8. Species assessed by COSEWIC and found to be in the Not at Risk category, with range of occurrence (by province, territory or ocean) and date of last assessment. Note that species in the Not at Risk category will normally only be reassessed if new information suggests that the species is at risk (Extirpated, Endangered, Threatened or Special Concern), or Extinct (148 species).

Taxon/ Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameRange of OccurrenceAssessment Date
Mammals (43)
1    PBadger taxus subspecies, AmericanTaxidea taxus taxus AB SK MBMay 2000
      ↔Bear, American BlackUrsus americanus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS NLApril 1999
1    ↔Caribou, WoodlandRangifer tarandus caribouNewfoundland populationNLMay 2002
      ↔Cottontail pinetis subspecies, Nuttall'sSylvilagus nuttallii pinetis AB SKApril 1994
1  Dolphin, Atlantic White-sidedLagenorhynchus acutus Atlantic OceanApril 1991
1  Dolphin, BottlenoseTursiops truncatus Atlantic OceanApril 1993
1  Dolphin, CommonDelphinus delphis Pacific Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1991
1  Dolphin, Northern Right WhaleLissodelphis borealis Pacific OceanApril 1990
1  Dolphin, Pacific White-sidedLagenorhynchus obliquidens Pacific OceanApril 1990
1  Dolphin, Risso'sGrampus griseus Pacific Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1990
1  Dolphin, StripedStenella coeruleoalba Pacific Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1993
1  Dolphin, White-beakedLagenorhynchus albirostris Atlantic OceanApril 1998
      √Gopher, Plains PocketGeomys bursarius MBApril 1998
1    ↔Lynx, CanadaLynx canadensis YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS NLMay 2001
1  Porpoise, Dall'sPhocoenoides dalli Pacific OceanApril 1989
1  Sea Lion, CaliforniaZalophus californianus BC Pacific OceanApril 1987
1  Seal Pacific subspecies, HarbourPhoca vitulina richardsi BC Pacific OceanApril 1999
1  Seal, BeardedErignathus barbatus NL Arctic Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1994
1  Seal, GreyHalichoerus grypus QC NB PE NS NL Atlantic OceanApril 1999
1  Seal, HoodedCystophora cristata Arctic Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1986
1  Seal, Northern ElephantMirounga angustirostris BC Pacific OceanApril 1986
1  Seal, Northern FurCallorhinus ursinus BC Pacific OceanApril 1996
1  Seal, RingedPhoca hispida NL Arctic Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1989
1  Squirrel, Cascade Mantled GroundSpermophilus saturatus BCApril 1992
1  Squirrel, FoxSciurus niger MB ONApril 1979
1  Walrus, AtlanticOdobenus rosmarus rosmarusEastern Arctic populationNU MB ON QC NL Arctic OceanApril 1987
      √Weasel, Prairie Long-tailedMustela frenata longicauda AB SK MBApril 1993
1  Whale, Baird's BeakedBerardius bairdii Pacific OceanApril 1992
1    ↔Whale, BelugaDelphinapterus leucasEastern Beaufort Sea populationNT Arctic OceanMay 2004
1  Whale, Blainville's BeakedMesoplodon densirostris Atlantic OceanApril 1989
1  Whale, Cuvier's BeakedZiphius cavirostris Pacific Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1990
1  Whale, False KillerPseudorca crassidens Pacific OceanApril 1990
1  Whale, Hubbs' BeakedMesoplodon carlhubbsi Pacific OceanApril 1989
1    √Whale, HumpbackMegaptera novaeangliaeWestern North Atlantic populationArctic Ocean Atlantic OceanMay 2003
1  Whale, Long-finned PilotGlobicephala melas Atlantic OceanApril 1994
1  Whale, Northern BottlenoseHyperoodon ampullatusDavis Strait populationArctic Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1993
1  Whale, Pygmy SpermKogia breviceps Pacific Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1994
1  Whale, Short-finned PilotGlobicephala macrorhynchus Pacific OceanApril 1993
1  Whale, SpermPhyseter macrocephalus Pacific Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1996
1  Whale, Stejneger's BeakedMesoplodon stejneri Pacific OceanApril 1989
1  Whale, True's BeakedMesoplodon mirus Atlantic OceanApril 1989
1  Wolf, Northern GreyCanis lupus occidentalis YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NLApril 1999
1  Wolf, Southern GreyCanis lupus nubilus BCApril 1999
Birds (35)
      √Bluebird, EasternSialia sialis AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NSApril 1996
1    ↔Chat auricollis subspecies, Yellow-breastedIcteria virens auricollisPrairie populationAB SKNovember 2000
1  Coot, AmericanFulica americana YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NSApril 1991
1  Cormorant, Double-crestedPhalocrocorax auritus YT NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLApril 1978
1  Crane tabida subspecies, SandhillGrus canadensis tabida BC MB ONApril 1979
1  Eagle, BaldHaliaeetus leucocephalus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLApril 1984
      ↔Eagle, GoldenAquila chrysaetos YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NLApril 1996
      ↔Falcon, PrairieFalco mexicanus BC AB SKApril 1996
1  Flycatcher, GreyEmpidonax wrightii BCApril 1992
1  Goshawk atricapillus subspecies, NorthernAccipiter gentilis atricapillus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLApril 1995
1  Grebe, Red-neckedPodiceps grisegena YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NS NLApril 1982
      ↔GyrfalconFalco rusticolus YT NT NU BC AB SK ON QC PE NS NLApril 1987
1  Harrier, NorthernCircus cyaneus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLApril 1993
      √Hawk, Cooper'sAccipiter cooperii BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NSApril 1996
1  Hawk, Red-tailedButeo jamaicensis YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLApril 1995
1  Hawk, Rough-leggedButeo lagopus YT NT NU BC MB ON QC NLApril 1995
      ↔Hawk, Sharp-shinnedAccipiter striatus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLApril 1997
1  Loon, CommonGavia immer YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLApril 1997
1  Loon, Yellow-billedGavia adamsii YT NT NU BC AB MB QCApril 1997
1  MerlinFalco columbarius YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLApril 1985
1  Owl, BorealAegolius funereus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLApril 1995
      √Owl, Great GreyStrix nebulosa YT NT BC AB SK MB ON QCApril 1996
1  Owl, Northern HawkSurnia ulula YT NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NLApril 1992
1  Owl, SnowyBubo scandiaca YT NT NU MB QC NLApril 1995
      √Pelican, American WhitePelecanus erythrorhynchos BC AB SK MB ONApril 1987
1  Screech-Owl, EasternMegascops asio SK MB ON QC NBApril 1986
      √Sparrow, Baird'sAmmodramus bairdii AB SK MBApril 1996
1  Sparrow, Nelson's Sharp-tailedAmmodramus nelsoni BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NSApril 1998
      √Swan, TrumpeterCygnus buccinator YT NT BC AB SK ONApril 1996
      ↔Tern, BlackChlidonias niger NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NSApril 1996
      √Tern, CaspianSterna caspia NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NLApril 1999
1  Tern, CommonSterna hirundo NT AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLApril 1998
      √Warbler, PrairieDendroica discolor ONApril 1999
1  Wren, CanyonCatherpes mexicanus BCApril 1992
1  Wren, SedgeCistothorus platensis AB SK MB ON QC NBApril 1993
Reptiles (4)
1  Brownsnake, DeKay'sStoreria dekayi ON QCMay 2002
1  Gartersnake, NorthwesternThamnophis ordinoides BCMay 2003
1  Lizard, Northern AlligatorElgaria coerulea BCMay 2002
1  Watersnake, NorthernNerodia sipedon sipedon ON QCMay 2002
Amphibians (14)
1  EnsatinaEnsatina eschscholtzii BCApril 1999
1  Frog, Columbia SpottedRana luteiventris YT BC ABMay 2000
1  Frog, Northern LeopardRana pipiensEastern populationON QC NB NS NLApril 1999
1  Frog, PickerelRana palustris ON QC NB NSApril 1999
1  Frog, Western ChorusPseudacris triseriata ON QCMay 2001
1  MudpuppyNecturus maculosus MB ON QCMay 2000
1  Salamander, Four-toedHemidactylium scutatum ON QC NB NSApril 1999
1  Salamander, Northern DuskyDesmognathus fuscus ON QC NBApril 1999
1  Salamander, NorthwesternAmbystoma gracile BCApril 1999
1  Salamander, TigerAmbystoma tigrinumPrairie / Boreal populationAB SK MBNovember 2001
1  Salamander, Western Red-backedPlethodon vehiculum BCNovember 2001
1  Spadefoot, PlainsSpea bombifrons AB SK MBMay 2003
1  Toad, CanadianBufo hemiophrys NT AB SK MBMay 2003
1  Treefrog, Cope's GreyHyla chrysoscelis MBApril 1999
Fishes (34)
1  BloaterCoregonus hoyi ONApril 1988
1    RChiselmouthAcrocheilus alutaceus BCMay 2003
1  Chub, HornyheadNocomis biguttatus MB ONApril 1988
1  Chub, RiverNocomis micropogon ONApril 1988
1  Dace, LeopardRhinichthys falcatus BCApril 1990
1  Darter, LeastEtheostoma microperca ONApril 1989
1  Darter, RiverPercina shumardi MB ONApril 1989
1  Darter, TessellatedEtheostoma olmstedi ON QCApril 1993
1  Herring, BluebackAlosa aestivalis NB NS Atlantic OceanApril 1980
1  Killifish, BandedFundulus diaphanusMainland populationMB ON QC NB PE NS NLApril 1989
1    √Madtom, BrindledNoturus miurus ONMay 2001
1  Minnow, BluntnosePimephales notatus MB ON QCApril 1998
1  Minnow, CutlipExoglossum maxillingua ON QCApril 1994
1  Minnow, Eastern SilveryHybognathus regius ON QCApril 1997
1  Pickerel, ChainEsox niger QC NB NSApril 1997
1  Pickerel, RedfinEsox americanus americanus QCApril 1998
1  Redhorse, GoldenMoxostoma erythrurum MB ONApril 1989
1    √Sardine, PacificSardinops sagax Pacific OceanMay 2002
1  Sculpin, FourhornMyoxocephalus quadricornisSalt water formPacific Ocean Arctic Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1989
1  Sculpin, SpoonheadCottus ricei YT NT BC AB SK MB ON QCApril 1989
1    √Shiner, BigmouthNotropis dorsalis MBNovember 2003
1  Shiner, BlackchinNotropis heterodon MB ON QCApril 1994
1  Shiner, GhostNotropis buchanani ONApril 1993
1  Shiner, RedfinLythrurus umbratilis ONApril 1988
1  Shiner, RosyfaceNotropis rubellus ON QCApril 1994
1  Shiner, StripedLuxilus chrysocephalus ONApril 1993
1  Shiner, WeedNotropis texanus MBApril 1999
1  Silverside, BrookLabidesthes sicculus ON QCApril 1989
      √Stoneroller, CentralCampostoma anomalum ONApril 1998
1  Sucker, MountainCatostomus platyrhynchus BC AB SKApril 1991
1  Sunfish, GreenLepomis cyanellus ONApril 1987
1  Sunfish, LongearLepomis megalotis ON QCApril 1987
1  Wolf-eelAnarrhichthys ocellatus Pacific OceanMay 2003
1  Y-PricklebackAllolumpenus hypochromus Pacific OceanApril 1991
Arthropods (0)
Molluscs (2)
1  Capshell, Rocky MountainAcroloxus coloradensisWestern populationBC ABNovember 2001
1  Crater, Spike-lipAppalachina sayana ON QC NB NSNovember 2003
Vascular Plants (16)
1  Aster, Short'sSymphyotrichum shortii ONApril 1999
1  Aster, YukonSymphyotrichum yukonense YT NTApril 1996
1  Brickellia, Large-floweredBrickellia grandiflora BC ABApril 1996
1  FameflowerTalinum sediforme BCApril 1990
1  Fleabane, DwarfErigeron radicatus AB SKApril 1996
1  Goldenweed, Northern MockStenotus borealis YTApril 1997
1  Mermaid, FalseFloerkea proserpinacoides ON QC NSApril 1984
1  Phlox, BluePhlox alyssifolia AB SKApril 1996
1  Pink, RushStephanomeria runcinata AB SKApril 1996
1  Rhododendron, PacificRhododendron macrophyllum BCApril 1997
1  Sagebrush, Wood'sArtemisia rupestris ssp. woodii YTApril 1997
1  Sedge, NebraskaCarex nebrascensis ABApril 1995
1  Stitchwort, SandStellaria arenicola AB SKApril 1992
1  Wallflower, Narrow-leavedErysimum angustatum YTApril 1993
      √Willow, Tyrrell'sSalix tyrrellii NT SKApril 1999
1  Woolly-heads, SlenderPsilocarphus tenellus var. tenellus BCApril 1996
Mosses (0)
Lichens (0)