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Canadian Species at Risk (including May 2005)


Table 9. Species considered by COSEWIC and placed in the Data Deficient category because of insufficient scientific information at the time of assessment. The range of occurrence (by province, territory or ocean) and date of last assessment are shown. Note that species in the Data Deficient category will normally only be reassessed if new information suggests that the species is at risk (Extirpated, Endangered, Threatened or Special Concern), or Extinct (39 species).

Taxon/ Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameRange of OccurrenceAssessment Date
Mammals (10)
1    RBat, FringedMyotis thysanodes BCMay 2004
1    RBat, Keen's Long-earedMyotis keenii BCNovember 2003
      RCougarPuma concolor couguarEastern populationON QC NB NSApril 1998
1  Mouse dychei subspecies, Western HarvestReithrodontomys megalotis dychei ABApril 1994
1  Seal Altantic subspecies, HarbourPhoca vitulina concolor NU MB ON QC NB PE NS NL Arctic Ocean Atlantic OceanApril 1999
1  Vole, SagebrushLemmiscus curtatus AB SKApril 1996
1  Whale, Dwarf SpermKogia simus Pacific OceanApril 1997
2+  ↔Whale, KillerOrcinus orcaNorthwest Atlantic / Eastern Arctic populationsArctic Ocean Atlantic OceanNovember 2001
1  Whale, SeiBalaenoptera borealisAtlantic populationAtlantic OceanMay 2003
1  Wolf, Arctic GreyCanis lupus arctos NT NUApril 1999
Birds (2)
1  Poorwill, CommonPhalaenoptilus nuttallii BC AB SKApril 1993
1  Tern, Forster'sSterna forsteri BC AB SK MB ONApril 1996
Reptiles (2)
1  BullsnakePituophis catenifer sayi AB SKMay 2002
1  Turtle, Eastern BoxTerrapene carolina carolina ONMay 2002
Amphibians (0)
Fishes (12)
1  Catfish, FlatheadPylodictis olivaris ONApril 1993
1  Chub, LakeCouesius plumbeusNorthern British Columbia Hotsprings populationsBCNovember 2004
1  Lamprey, DarktailLampetra alaskensis NTApril 1990
1    RMadtom, MarginedNoturus insignis ON QCMay 2002
1    RPrickleback, BlacklineAcantholumpenus mackayi Arctic OceanMay 2003
1    RSculpin, FourhornMyoxocephalus quadricornisFreshwater formNT NU NLNovember 2003
1  Sculpin, SpinynoseAsemichthys taylori Pacific OceanApril 1997
1  Skate, WinterLeucoraja ocellataNorthern Gulf-Newfoundland populationAtlantic OceanMay 2005
1  Smelt, Pygmy LongfinSpirinchus sp. BCNovember 2004
1    RWhitefish, LakeCoregonus clupeaformisLake Simcoe populationONMay 2005
2   ↔Whitefish, LakeCoregonus clupeaformisMira River populationNSNovember 2000
1    RWolffish, BeringAnarhichas orientalis Arctic OceanNovember 2002
Arthropods (1)
1  Flower Gem, Dark-bandedMelaporphyria immortua AB SK MBMay 2005
Molluscs (4)
1  Capshell, Rocky MountainAcroloxus coloradensisEastern populationON QCNovember 2001
1  Duskysnail, SquatLyogyrus granum NB NSNovember 2003
1  Fieldslug, EveningDeroceras hesperium BCNovember 2003
1  Snail, Gatineau TadpolePhysella parkeri latchfordi QCApril 1997
Vascular Plants (4)
1  Barley, LittleHordeum pusillum ABApril 1993
1  Goldenweed, Rabbit-brushEricameria bloomeri BCApril 1997
1  Pinweed, ImpoverishedLechea intermedia var. depauperata SKApril 1997
1  Whitlow-grass, KananaskisDraba kananaskis ABApril 1992
Mosses (1)
1  Moss, Schleicher's SilkEntodon schleicheri NT BC ABMay 2005
Lichens (3)
1  Glass-whiskers, FrostedSclerophora peronellaBritish Columbia populationBCMay 2005
1  Stubble, Flexuous GoldenChaenotheca servitii NSNovember 2002
1  Stubble, Red OakPhaeocalicium minutissimum QC NBNovember 2002