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Recovery Strategy for the Rocky Mountain Sculpin (Cottus sp.), Eastslope populations, in Canada

1. COSEWIC species assessment information

Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) assessment summary

Date of Assessment: May 2005 (New)
Common Name: Eastslope Sculpin (St. Mary and Milk river populations)
Scientific Name: Cottus sp.
COSEWIC Status: Threatened
Status Criteria: D2
Reason for Designation: This species has a very restricted area of occurrence in the St. Mary and Milk rivers in Canada where it has been impacted by habitat loss and degradation from water diversion, conditions that have been exacerbated in recent years by drought.
Canadian Occurrence: AB
Status History: Designated Threatened in May 2005. Assessment based on a new status report.


Alberta summary

Common Name: St Mary Sculpin
Scientific Name: Cottus Bairdi.
Rank: Threatened
Designated: 2007
Reason for Designation: This species has a very restricted area of occupancy. The only locations in Alberta where this species is found are in the Milk River basin and upper St. Mary River basin of southern Alberta. Dispersal and exchange with adjacent populations is limited.
Status History: Designated “May be at Risk” in 2000. Upgraded to Threatened in 2004 based on a new status report (Alberta Sustainable Resource Development 2004). Listed in the Wildlife Act as Threatened in 2007.

Note: The above species summaries are based on information available to COSEWIC and the Alberta Endangered Species Conservation Committee (ESCC) at the time of the species assessment updates and are included for reference purposes. The species was initially reviewed under the common name ‘Eastslope Sculpin”, which has been renamed “Rocky Mountain Sculpin”.