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Species examined and designated in the DATA DEFICIENT category because of insufficient scientific information, with geographical occurrence and date of last examination (by province / territory / ocean) (25 species).
Common NameScientific
Population NameRange of
Examination Date
Mammals (8)
0CougarPuma concolor couguarEastern populationON QC NB NSApr 1998
 Mouse, Western Harvest

Reithrodontomys megalotis


Prairie populationABApr 1994
 Porpoise, HarbourPhocoena phocoenaPacific Ocean populationPacific OceanApr 1991
 Seal, HarbourPhoca vitulina concolor Atlantic and Arctic coastal watersApr 1999
 Vole, SagebrushLemmiscus curtatus AB SKApr 1996
 Whale, Dwarf SpermKogia simus Pacific OceanApr 1997
2+, 5Whale, KillerOrcinus orca

Northwest Atlantic /

Eastern Arctic


Arctic Ocean Atlantic OceanNov 2001
 Wolf, Arctic GreyCanis lupus arctos NT NUApr 1999
Birds (2)
 Poorwill, CommonPhalaenoptilus nuttallii BC AB SKApr 1993
 Tern, Forster'sSterna forsteri BC AB SK MB ONApr 1996
Reptiles (2)
1BullsnakePituophis catenifer sayi AB SKMay 2002
1Turtle, Eastern BoxTerrapene carolina carolina ONMay 2002
Amphibians (0)
Fishes (7)
 Catfish, FlatheadPylodictis olivaris ONApr 1993
 ChiselmouthAcrocheilus alutaceus BCApr 1997
 Cisco, BeringCoregonus laurettae YTApr 1990
 Lamprey, DarktailLethenteron alaskense NTApr 1990
2, 0Madtom, MarginedNoturus insignis ON QCMay 2002
 Sculpin, SpinynoseAsemichthys taylori Pacific coastApr 1997
2, 5Whitefish, LakeCoregonus clupeaformis NSNov 2000
Lepidopterans (0)
Molluscs (2)
1Capshell, Rocky MountainAcroloxus coloradensisEastern populationON QCNov 2001
 Snail, Gatineau TadpolePhysella parkeri latchfordi QCApr 1997
Plants (4)
 Barley, LittleHordeum pusillum ABApr 1993
 Goldenweed, Rabbit-brushEricameria bloomeri BCApr 1997
 Pinweed, Impoverished

Lechea intermedia var.


 SKApr 1997
 Whitlow-grass, KananaskisDraba kananaskis ABApr 1992
Mosses (0)
Lichens (0)