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Recovery Strategy for the Western Spiderwort (Tradescantia occidentalis) in Canada – 2013

11. Recovery Team Members

Current recovery team members:
Candace Neufeld (Environment Canada, recovery team chair)
Nicole Firlotte (Manitoba Conservation Data Centre)
Fawn Jackson (Canadian Cattlemen’s Association)
Sarah Lee (Environment Canada, recovery team secretary)
Jeanette Pepper (Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment)

Current recovery team participants:
Joel Nicholson (Alberta Sustainable Resource Development)
Sherry Lynn Punak-Murphy (Department of National Defence, CFB Shilo)
Drew Taylor (Department of National Defence, CFB Suffield)

Past recovery team members/participants:
Cheryl Ann Beckles (Department of National Defence, 17-Wing Detachment Dundurn)
Delaney Boyd (Department of National Defence, CFB Suffield)
Robin Gutsell (Alberta Sustainable Resource Development)
Darcy Henderson (Environment Canada, recovery team chair until August 2010)
Dean Nernberg (Environment Canada, recovery team chair until August 2005)
Sue McAdam (Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment)
Carmen McNabb (Department of National Defence, CFB-Shilo, acting for Sherry Lynn Punak-Murphy)
Dr. Jennifer Rowland (Department of National Defense)
Peggy Strankman (Canadian Cattlemen's Association)
Lisa Matthias (Alberta Sustainable Resource Development)
Chris Nykoluk (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – Agri-Environment Services Branch)