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Recovery Strategy for the Western Spiderwort (Tradescantia occidentalis) in Canada – 2013


The recovery strategy was prepared by Candace Neufeld (Environment Canada). Previous versions were prepared by Candace Neufeld and Darcy Henderson (Environment Canada). The Recovery Team for Plants at Risk in the Prairie Provinces provided valuable comments on various drafts of this document (see Section 11 for past and present members). Helpful comments on previous drafts were also provided by M. C. Bélair, M. Curteanu, M. Dube, M.J. Ribeyron, and M. Wayland of Environment Canada, R. Wright (Saskatchewan Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport) and K. Remarchuk (contractor). The Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre, Alberta Conservation Information Management System and the Manitoba Conservation Data Centre provided updated element occurrences for this species. The co-operation of all the landowners, lessees and land managers who granted access to their land to do surveys is greatly appreciated.