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Recovery Strategy for Blue, Fin, and Sei Whales in Pacific Canadian Waters [Proposed]

10. Evaluation

The success of the recovery actions will be reviewed annually, while the goals, objectives and broad strategies outlined herein will be reviewed within five years of the Recovery Strategy’s acceptance by the Minister. The following performance measures will be used to assess the effectiveness of the objectives and strategies, and to determine whether recovery remains feasible. Detailed performance measures will be identified more fully during the development of the action plan.

Objective-based evaluation criteria include:

  1. Were the population identities of blue and fin whales that occur in Pacific Canadian waters determined?
  2. Was the relative proportion of blue whales in Pacific Canadian waters compared to the whole population maintained, or increased?
  3. Was the presence of sei whale(s) confirmed in Pacific Canadian waters? If so, has the relative proportion of sei whales that occur in Pacific Canadian waters compared to the whole population been maintained, or increased?
  4. Did the identified threat(s) significantly reduce the potential habitat or distribution in Pacific Canadian waters for blue, fin, and sei whales?

Approach-based evaluation criteria include:

  1. Were studies undertaken to identify critical habitat for these large whales?
  2. Was research conducted and/or surveys carried out to better define the species' abundance and distribution?
  3. Were threats better identified? Were threats reduced or mitigated?

11. Statement of when the Action Plan will be completed

An action plan will be developed within two years of approval of the Recovery Strategy. A single multi-species action plan for Pacific blue, fin, sei, and right whales is recommended as these large whales likely occupy similar habitat and face similar threats, and the activities required for their recovery (e.g., determine abundance and distribution) are common to all four species. The integration of what are predominantly research activities will ensure more efficient use of effort.

An action plan provides the specific details for recovery implementation, including measures to monitor and implement recovery, address threats and achieve recovery objectives, and when these measures are to take place. The action plan also includes an identification of critical habitat(s), to the extent possible, and examples of activities that are likely to result in its destruction.  It also recommends measures to protect critical habitat(s) and identifies any portions of critical habitat(s) that have not been protected. An evaluation of the socio-economic costs of the action plan and benefits to be derived from its implementation is also included.