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Proposed Listing of Aquatic Species Consultation Workbook for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Gulf of Mexico – Western Population)

In 2011 COSEWIC assessed the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna as Endangered. This risk level indicates that the species is likely to become extinct or extirpated in parts of its range unless something is done to address the threats it is facing. The Government of Canada must now make a decision whether or not this species requires protection under SARA. One of the inputs into this decision is the results of consultations with stakeholders, Aboriginal organizations, Provincial governments, and the Canadian public. The purpose of this consultation workbook is to provide a mechanism to gather input about the potential economic, cultural and ecological impacts of listing or not listing this species under SARA, as well as the views and opinions of Canadians on this subject.

Consultation period: 2012-09-17 to 2012-12-14


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SARA Directorate
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
200 Kent St.
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0E6
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1 Please note that this species is not considered to be at risk under SARA, but related documents are included in the Public Registry as a result of the species previously being included or associated with a document of a species at risk.


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