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Management Plan for the Silver Chub, Macrhybopsis storeriana, in Canada

The Silver Chub (Macrhybopsis storeriana Kirtland, 1845) is a stout minnow ranging 102-152 mm in total length. Colouring is a pale grey-green on the back, becoming silver on the sides and silvery white below. In Canada, the species is found in Ontario (Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron) and Manitoba (Assiniboine, Red and Rosseau rivers and Lake Winnipeg). Globally, Silver Chub populations are considered Secure (G5) and, in the United States, it is ranked as Secure (N5). In Canada, the species is ranked as Vulnerable (N3) (Manitoba [S3]; Ontario [S2]). There is limited information available concerning the size of Silver Chub populations in Canada. It appears that populations are stable in the Assiniboine and Red rivers; the status of the Lake Winnipeg population is unknown. Populations in Lake Erie appear to be recovering after drastic declines due to lake eutrophication. Recent population trends in lakes St. Clair and Huron and parts of its Manitoba range are unknown due to limited targeted sampling.

Consultation period: 2010-03-31 to 2010-05-30


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