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Management Plan for the Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubatus) in Canada

The Steller Sea Lion is the largest member of eared seals and a relatively long-lived and slow reproducing species. The scientific name (Eumetopias jubatus) means having a broad forehead and a mane, a reference to the prominent ruff of coarse hair that mature males develop on their necks and chests which resembles a lion’s mane.

All sea lions are remarkably agile on land due to their ability to rotate their hind flippers forward and prop themselves up on their foreflippers.  Steller Sea Lions can climb steep rocks and are often found many metres above the sea surface; they tend to be highly gregarious while on land and pack close together in dense breeding colonies (rookeries) or on non-breeding haulouts.  Steller Sea Lions typically haul out on a regular basis, they sometimes spend many days or several weeks at sea without coming ashore and can sleep in the water, usually in groups called rafts. 

Consultation period: 2010-10-06 to 2010-12-05


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