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Response Statement - Atlantic Cod, Laurentian South population

Populations in this designatable unit (DU) have declined by 90% in the past 3 generations.  The main cause of the rapid decline in abundance during the early 1990s was overfishing.  Commercial fisheries were curtailed in 1993 and the abundance stabilized for a number of years.  However, increased natural mortality and continued small catches have caused the abundance to decline again.  Quantitative analysis of  population demographic parameters indicate the population will continue to decline in the absence of fishing if the current elevated level of natural mortality persists. This DU includes the cod management units 4TVn (November – April), 4Vn (May – October) and 4VsW. A limit reference point (LRP) has been estimated for the 4TVn management unit and the current status is assessed to be well below the LRP. An LRP has not been estimated for the 4VsW management unit, however it is considered to be at a critically low level.


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