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Response Statement - Atlantic Cod, Southern population

Populations in this designatable unit (DU) have declined by 64% in the past 3 generations and the decline is continuous.  Commercial fishing is ongoing and is an important contributor to the decline.  As well, there is evidence of an unexplained increase in natural mortality in the 4X portion of the DU.  Rescue from the US population is unlikely given the low abundance of the species in that area. This DU includes the cod management units 4X5Y and 5Zjm. There is a directed fishery for the species in the 4X5Y area, and although there is no limit reference point (LRP), recent fishery management advice indicates that this management unit is at a critically low level. There is also a directed fishery in the 5Zjm management unit and this fishery is co-managed with the United States.


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