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Response Statement - Yellowmouth Rockfish

As with other rockfish species, this slow-growing (generation time 30 years), long-lived (maximum age 100 years) species is vulnerable to commercial fishing.  Research vessel surveys indicate that abundance has declined considerably over the past 40 years (1.5 generations). While contemporary surveys designed specifically for groundfish species indicate a recent period (5 years) of relative stability, it is not clear that the decline has ceased. The initial period of decline occurred as the commercial fishery for this and other rockfish species developed. Although this is considered normal for a newly exploited population, the total decline in abundance is inferred to be well beyond what is optimal for an exploited population. The absence of any strong recruitment events during the last 20 years is also a concern.  The species is an important component of BC’s commercial fisheries. Fishing continues to be a threat and there is no established limit reference point to help manage these fisheries in a precautionary manner.  


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