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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Long's Braya, Braya longii in Canada

Braya longii Fernald, Long's Braya, Brassicaceae (Cruciferae). Long's Braya is a caespitose perennial (1-10 [16] cm tall) with linear-spatulate leaves and scapose racemes of small white flowers.

Braya longii, which has glabrous siliques, can be distinguished easily in the field from the somewhat smaller Braya fernaldii, which has pubescent siliques. The petal claws of B. longii are bluish- to reddish- violet; petal limbs are white. Petals of Braya fernaldii have been described as pink, but field observations indicate that most plants have white petals, which may or may not be tinged with pink.


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