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Management Plan for Kiyi, Upper Great Lakes (Coregonus kiyi kiyi) in Canada

In 2005, the Kiyi (Upper Great Lakes) was designated a species of Special Concern in Canada by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) and was listed on Schedule 1 of the Species at Risk Act in 2007. The COSEWIC designation was based on the loss of the species from Lake Huron (also lost from Lake Michigan in the U.S.), reducing its range to only Lake Superior. It appears that exploitation and introduced invasive species were the principal culprits for its diminished range, while habitat destruction, eutrophication, and toxic discharges may have also played a role. A separate subspecies, formerly resident in Lake Ontario, was designated Extinct by COSEWIC and will not be considered in this management plan.

Consultation period: 2014-06-26 to 2014-08-25


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