Public Registry Notice for s.83 Exceptions – Mount Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park

To ensure the safety of users of the Trans-Canada Highway and Canadian Pacific Rail line, the Mount Revelstoke Glacier Avalanche Control program manages 134 avalanche slidepaths. From 1885 to 1962, when avalanche defence of the railway was limited to snowsheds, more than 200 people died in avalanches on the railway line. Between 1966 (when Parks Canada’s avalanche control program was initiated) and 2014, 1,039 avalanches have reached the Trans-Canada Highway, 953 of which were predicted and controlled by the program. During this period, there have been two deaths, four instances of injuries and 52 near misses with damage to vehicles or infrastructure and five incidents where there has been serious damage to old growth forest. These incidents reflect the need for continued application and improvement of the program and Parks Canada continues to explore new methods to increase the effectiveness of the program, including installation of new technologies to predict and control avalanches. However, program activities may kill or harm individuals of SARA-listed species and/or destroy identified critical habitat.


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