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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Pygmy Pocket Moss Fissidens exilis in Canada

Pygmy Pocket Moss (Fissidens exilis) is an ephemeral moss, periodically producing minute (up to 2 mm), 4- to 8-leaved plants from a mat of undifferentiated green filaments, or “protonemata”, persisting between periods of reproductive activity on and in the surface soil layer. It can be identified using microscopic features of the leafy plants (gametophores), but the protonemata, which persist between periods of reproductive activity, cannot be visually identified by any means. Spore-filled capsules, supported on 2 – 9 mm stalks, are attached to the apex of each successfully fertilized, mature plant. Pygmy Pocket Moss is most likely to be detected when capsules are present, especially in large colonies.


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