Table 2. Threat Assessment Table
Threat Level of Concern1 Extent Occurrence Frequency Severity2 Causal Certainty3
Habitat loss or degradation
Housing/urban development and agricultural activities High Widespread Historic and Anticipated Unknown High High
Alien, invasive or introduced species
Invasion by alien plants >High >Widespread >Historic and Current >Continuous >High >Medium
Climate and natural disasters
Change in weather patterns, especially spring and early summer precipitation Medium Widespread Anticipated Seasonal Unknown Low

1 Level of Concern: signifies that managing the threat is of (high, medium or low) concern for the recovery of the species, consistent with the population and distribution objectives. This criterion considers the assessment of all the information in the table).

2 Severity: reflects the population-level effect (High: very large population-level effect, Moderate, Low, Unknown).

3 Causal certainty: reflects the degree of evidence that is known for the threat (High: available evidence strongly links the threat to stresses on population viability; Medium: there is a correlation between the threat and population viability e.g., expert opinion; Low: the threat is assumed or plausible).