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Response Statement - Bull Trout, Saskatchewan - Nelson Rivers populations

This freshwater fish is broadly distributed east of the Rocky Mountains. It is a slow-growing and late maturing species that thrives in cold, pristine waters and often requires long unimpeded migratory routes joining spawning to adult habitat. Historical range contractions now limit the populations to the foothills and east slopes of the Rocky Mountains, likely in response to habitat deterioration and reduced habitat connectivity through damming of the larger rivers. No populations are abundant and more than half show evidence of decline. The primary and persistent threats to these populations include competition and hybridization with introduced Eastern Brook Trout and climate induced increases in water temperature. Although legal harvest has been eliminated, this species is highly catchable and is therefore likely susceptible to catch and release mortality in many areas that are accessible to recreational anglers. Consequently, an aggregate decline in abundance of > 30% over the next three generations is projected.


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