Public Consultations

The Government of Canada is committed to working with all interested parties to ensure that species at risk and their critical habitats are protected. The Act supports this commitment, by providing the public with an opportunity to comment on proposed documents. These documents are listed in the current public consultations. To make your comment, please select that document and use the attached comment form.

The Act includes provisions that strengthen the Government of Canada's commitment to encourage and support public participation and transparency in environmental decision-making. This includes sections that specifically address enhanced opportunities for public participation.

Under Section 93, "any person who is a resident of Canada and at least 18 years of age may apply to the competent minister for an investigation of whether an alleged offense has been committed or whether anything directed towards its commission has been done." The competent minister would be required to investigate all matters that he or she considers necessary to determine the facts relating to the investigation.

SARA also contains provisions allowing a person who reports an alleged offence under the Act to request that his/her identity not be disclosed. Section 96 specifies that the report on the investigation must not disclose the name, the address or any other personal information about the person who reported the alleged infraction.

Finally, any SARA related public consultation opportunities are highlighted in the Public Registry. In addition, industry and individuals are invited to participate in the wide variety of public consultations through notices published in Canada's official parliamentary journal, the Canada Gazette.

Please note: Recovery Strategies identifying recovery objectives, critical habitat and mechanisms for critical habitat protection including a SARA order prohibiting the destruction of the critical habitat are highlighted on the following page. The recovery strategy for the Pugnose Shiner Round Hickorynut & Kidneyshell – Amended, Channel Darter, Humpback Whale, Carmine Shiner – Amended, Spring Cisco, Eastern Sand Darter (QC), White Sturgeon, Westslope Cuttthroat Trout (AB) is now posted for public consultation.  The document identifies recovery objectives, critical habitat and mechanisms for critical habitat protection, including a SARA section 58 Critical Habitat Order invoking the prohibition against the destruction of the critical habitat.   The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans invites interested Canadians to submit comments on the proposed recovery strategy and the protection of critical habitat.

Current Public Consultations

Completed Public Consultations

Please note that any personal information collected on the comment form is subject to the terms and conditions under the Privacy Act.