An order is instructions, decisions or directions given by the Minister or Governor in Council which are authorized by legislation. These can vary from simple commands to complex and reasoned decisions.

Under SARA, the Governor in Council may on the recommendation of the competent minister, make an emergency order to provide for the protection of a listed wildlife species (Section 78 (1)). The competent Minister would be required to make such a recommendation when he or she was of the opinion that the species faced imminent threats to its survival or recovery and after they had consulted every other competent Minister (Section 78 (2)).

An Order-in-Council, is an official government decision made by the Cabinet (Privy Council) to make, amend or repeal a regulation. It must specify the provisions of the Act that constitute the statutory authority for the regulations being made, amended or repealed. Finally, this can also be an executive order, decree or proclamation authorizing an administrative action.

Under the Act, a copy of every proposed order to be made by the Minister or Governor in Council is published in Part 1 of the Canada Gazette. During the following 60 day period, any person may file written comments or a notice of objection. Once the comment period is concluded and the order finalized, the official order is published in Part II of the Canada Gazette.

The following is a list of current and proposed orders related to SARA. To make your comment on any proposed order, please select it and use the attached comment form.

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