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COSEWIC assessment and status report on the American Eel in Canada


The report writers acknowledge those who have provided valuable advice and support for this status report, in particular CESWoG members and observers and participants of the Zonal Peer Review Meeting. We express gratitude to G. Verreault, P. Dumont, Y. Mailhot, R. Bradford, Y. de Lafontaine, M. Castonguay, K.D. Clarke, B.M. Jessop, and R. Verdon for their substantial comments on the manuscript and data furnished. K.J. McGrath (NYPA) is also acknowledged for providing data. J. Dubois from Alliance Environnement is acknowledged for her cartographic assistance. The report writers are also grateful to M. Courtemanche (Université de Montréal) for valuable information on Aboriginal relationship with eels, to R. Campbell, co-chair, COSEWIC Freshwater Fishes Specialist Subcommittee, and to R. Boles and G. Goulet of the COSEWIC Secretariat.

Funding for the preparation of this status report was provided by Environment Canada.