Critical Habitat Orders

Critical Habitat of the Rocky Mountain Sculpin (Cottus sp.) Eastslope Populations Order

The long-term population objective for Rocky Mountain Sculpin, Eastslope populations, is to protect and maintain self-sustaining populations within its current range in the St. Mary and Milk river watersheds in Canada. Efforts to achieve both the short-term and long-term goals are ongoing and are supported through measures outlined in the Recovery Strategy. A number of threats to Rocky Mountain Sculpin, Eastslope populations, are identified in the Recovery Strategy. The most significant threats may be those that could alter the flow regime of a river, causing habitat loss or impairment. Such threats may include water removal (e.g. for irrigation, municipal, recreational, industrial and domestic use), impoundment, bank stabilization, channelization, and changes in flow conditions. Other threats to the species’ habitat and survival include pollution and degradation of riparian areas. Some of the above threats may also act indirectly by altering faunal communities which in turn threaten the sculpin’s existence.


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