Order Amending Schedules 1 to 3 to the Species at Risk Act (volume 139, number 15, 2005)

The Minister of the Environment is recommending, pursuant to section 27 of the Species at Risk Act (SARA), that 43 species be added to Schedule 1, the List of Wildlife Species at Risk. This recommendation is based on scientific assessments by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) and on consultations with governments, Aboriginal peoples, wildlife management boards, stakeholders and the Canadian public.

Consultation period: 2005-05-16 to 2005-06-15


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Contact Person(s)

Jason Travers
Regulatory Analyst
Canadian Wildlife Service
Environment Canada
351 St.Joseph blvd.
Gatineau, QC
K1A 0H3
Tel: 819-953-7593
Fax: 819-956-5393
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Maryse Mahy
Project Manager
SARA Legislation and Policy
Ecological Integrity Branch
Parks Canada
Gatineau, QC
K1A 0M5
Tel: 819-999-6465
Fax: 819-999-4831
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Michelle Dyck
Regulatory Analyst
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0E6
Tel: 613-991-0493
Fax: 613-990-2811
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